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I read mostly Japanese manga and some Korean manhwa and Chinese manhua 漫画. I do read other kinds of comics though rarely. The ones I've read so far have been extremely eye-opening and interesting and made me think. I only remember reading 3 series/authors of english comics. One is a singaporean author and IMO his comics are more manga like. The other is French/Iranian and her comics are French style. The only other western comic I've read is Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. I haven't read all though I like them enough to keep it on my 'To Read' list.

So, I'll just introduce the 2 of my favourite non-manga comics:
1. The Resident Tourist by Troy Chin
2. the works of Marjane Sartrapi, especially Persepolis

more to come....

MIZUSAWA Megumi - Orange Kakumei and Ohana Moyou no One-Piece

Just re-read Orange (Orenji) Kakumei and Flower Patterned One-Piece. They are both 1 volume stories of about 2-3 chapters. The stories are set in middle school and serialized in Ribon. I like them for their cheerful and upbeat heroines, and also no silly over the top drama and angst - sometimes found in manga aimed for older teens. Overall an 'awwww' kind of manga. I like...

Manga I want to read, but will need undivided attention and put aside real life

Here's a list of manga I so very want to read, but I know, I know, I know that they will suck my life. I need to set aside 2-3 days full undivided attention. Well, waiting for Christmas/New Year's 10 day shutdown to catch up on them. That means I need to do spring cleaning and moving  planned for shutdown before that. or never. sigh. Oh and get a better chair.

1. Until Death Do Us Part - 12 Volumes and Counting!
2. Vinland Saga - 8 volumes and counting
3. Historie - 6-8 Vols and counting
4. Cesare - 3 volumes. hmm I might wait for the scanlators to finish this before starting
5. All-rounder Meguru - 4 Volumes and counting.

I haven't touched Vinland Saga or Historie yet, officially, sorta of. I gave a mid-volume (like volume 3) a preview peek and I ended up reading the entire volume, even without reading the first chapter. So I've read Historie vol 3, and Vinland Saga Vol 4 and 6. Its that good...

Max Lovely by KURAHASHI Erika

Reading Max Lovely by Karahashi Erika this weekend. 5 volumes. It is a Ribon manga, targeted a tweens/young teens.
I like it though. There's some LOL moments. The characters are very likable, and there's little or no angst - any angst/drama with a particular person never gets prolonged and gets resolved within 1 or 2 chapters. Overall its positive and happy. I like-y.

The heroine Tokeida Airi is positive and cheerful. And not a crybaby heroine (can't stand those in general!) nor someone that needs to be rescued all the time because she can't help herself. her best guy friend Taki is also a positive character.  He's not annoyingly perfect and is a little blunt (for some LOL moments), but not the 'mean to her for no understandable reason although he likes her' kind of character. The supporting characters are also very fun, especially Hikaru who is the head of her fan club. At any rate, the characters are believable and consistent.

Mimi wo Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart) - HIIRAGI Aoi

Manga which the Miyazaki anime/movies - Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns - were based on.
I enjoyed this manga a lot, as I also enjoyed the anime movie. They are different (Miyazaki has his own style/feel) but both have the same laid-back slice of life easy going feel. 

The 4 'related' manga series by Hiiragi Aoi are
Mimi wo Sumaseba
Mimi wo Sumaseba: Shiawase na Jikan
Baron - Neko no Danshaku
Yume no Machi

I haven't read all of them yet so I'm not sure if they're sequential or can be read separately.
I've just read Mimi wo Sumaseba and will read Shiawase na Jikan  next...

Mimi wo Sumaseba and Shiawase na Jikan  have been scanlated completely. Yume no Machi is partially scanlated.
Baron Neko is available in English thru VIZ.

MORIMOTO Kozueko - Gokusen

Gokusen has got to be my favourite manga of all time...

I hated the drama - it was so preachy! and boring! I didn't like to see how each episode is about some kid's problems and how they hate her and how she changed them. The manga is much more refreshing - yes the kids give her hell, and yes she changes them. But its in now way preachy. and it is all very funny. the humour is sometimes slapstick funny, and sometimes just totally surprisingly unexpected and less in your face. I have all 15 volumes (in chinese)...

*fangirling* Shinohara-sensei <3 ~love~ /fangirling

why keep a journal?

I just want to journal all the manga I've read, and especially those I've enjoyed.
This journal is not a way to improve my writing, nor to attract visitors.
but its "exposure equilibrium" - some users want to see what you've posted before they allow you to friend them. so i guess I gotta build up some cred. how's that for some honesty?

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